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Submitting public petition for suo moto cognizance for the DHFL Scam and the problems of security of the decision-makers: a letter to the Chief Justice of India

An Appeal for Suo Moto Cognizance for the Victims of the DHFL Scam

It is a follow-up letter to the Hon. Chief Justice of India showing the numerical strength (?!) of the applicants for the suo moto cognizance. It is matter of regret that out of more than 1 crore FD-NCD holders, only 367 persons have signed the petition. What are the causes behind such apathy, passivity and alenation? Do they only need the paid service in the world of money-signifier??? They are perhaps unable to perceive the world without money-signifier: THE MONEYLESS SOCIETY! Or, they do not care about their lost wealth due to RBI-appointed CoC's conspiracy.

August 11, 2021


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