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Tell Walmart Brazil to Stop Selling Eggs from Confined Hens

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Tell Walmart Brazil to Stop Selling Eggs from Confined Hens
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Did your eggs come from caged hens? If you shop at Walmart Brazil stores, the answer is likely yes.

New video footage shot at a factory farm that provides eggs to a Walmart Brazil egg supplier reveals the disturbing reality for birds crammed in tiny cages. Unable to walk freely, spread her wings, or rest comfortably, each hen spends her miserable life on floor space smaller than a sheet of notebook paper.

In these unsanitary conditions, sickness, disease, and death run rampant. The video reveals birds trapped in sharp cage wire or under feed troughs, trampled by their cagemates and unable to reach food and water. Surrounded by the stench of excrement and rotting corpses of other hens, this grim existence is the only one these tortured animals will ever know.

Battery cages are so inhumane they have been banned in the European Union and many U.S. states. Walmart has already agreed to go cage-free in the United States and Canada; yet in Brazil, the company continues to buy from egg suppliers that cram hens into cruel cages.

Even leading food retailers in Brazil, including Burger King, Subway, McDonald's, KFC, and Spoleto, have publicly pledged to switch to cage-free eggs. It’s time for Walmart Brazil to do the same.

Please, take a moment to sign this petition calling on Walmart to prevent animal torture by prohibiting cruel cages in its entire egg supply chain.

Thank you.

December 6, 2017


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